Weekly Debrief: June 17-23

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    Sun Jun 23 2024

The last week of pop culture has been full of new music from across the world — ranging from Charli XCX's new remix of ‘Girl, so confusing' featuring Lorde to Ariana Grande's new remix of ‘the boy is mine' featuring Brandy and Monica — all amidst World Music Day, which occurred on June 21. But, within these seemingly silent moments of music, celebrities that don't seem like they'd necessarily mesh together have been spotted. 

It is technically summer now, even though it has felt quite scorching in Madison for the past few weeks, and as I sit under my lovely fan, here is the latest pop culture news. 

Sabrina Carpenter makes more waves

Shortly after Sabrina Carpenter “hard launched” her new boyfriend Barry Keoghan in her music video for ‘Please Please Please,' she has been in pop culture news for countless other occurrences. However, did Sabrina really hard launch Barry through her music video? Their relationship was seemingly implied already from his constant appearances at her concerts, where she once made a reference to one of his popular scenes in “Saltburn” during her fan-favorite ‘Nonsense' outros. 

Alongside her new boyfriend, Sabrina has been questioned by some fans about whether or not she “homewrecked” Barry's previous relationship with Alyson Sandro, with whom he has a son with. Barry and Alyson reportedly dated for roughly three years, which then left fans curious about what the reason for their breakup was — and if it had anything to do with Sabrina. However, a source told the Sun that the couple had simply grown apart, with Barry's “partying causing arguments.” 

Sabrina covered Chappell Roan's ‘Good Luck, Babe!' in the BBC Radio Live Lounge, which caused fans to wonder if she was coming out as queer. Chappell Roan's songs have been charting for weeks, now, and may I remind those particular fans, that covers have existed before many of our very existences. I fondly remember several K-Pop artists covering ‘Fools' by Troye Sivan, and yet, only niche parts of their fan bases are accusing them as queer (or alternatively, wishing). 

Additionally, Sabrina has made several appearances at fashion shows this week, most noticeably the LOEWE fashion show and the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris. At the Louis Vuitton show, Sabrina notably sat between British rapper Central Cree and K-Pop group NCT star Yuta Nakamoto. At the Vogue World Show, Sabrina made her runway debut, as well.

Sabrina has been in the news lately, whether it be for her two charting singles or her blooming relationships, and this author can't wait to see what will come.

Justin Timberlake arrested

Justin Timberlake — who definitely doesn't need an introduction — was arrested for driving under the influence (DWI) in New York. Fans found the interaction between him and the cop who arrested him to be hilarious, as the cop didn't know who Justin was. Justin reportedly had said, “This is going to ruin the tour,” to which the cop asked, “What tour?” Justin responded, “The world tour.” Justin has continued his The Forget Tomorrow World Tour after being arrested, even addressing the DWI arrest at his Chicago concert. 

BLACKPINK's Lisa teases new music

K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK has been consistently in the media since their debut in 2016; however, fans may not have foreseen the future looking like it does now. All four members of the group have pursued individual projects, as their individual contracts with YG Entertainment expired (BLACKPINK as a group is still partnered with YG). 

Lisa launched a new management company called LLOUD, which is reportedly a company focused on “genre-defying music.” Jennie established her agency called ODD ATELIER (OA), which is a space aiming to “create new things that attract attention in a different way from what is usual or expected.” Jisoo also launched her own independent agency called BLISSOO with her brother. BLISSOO aims to empower individuals through merchandise, music, and various initiatives. Rosé signed a management contract with The Black Label, which is led by BLACKPINK's long-running producer Teddy Park. 

As all four women head in their individual directions, Lisa's teaser for her upcoming single ‘ROCKSTAR' has gained heavy attention. The single is set to be released on June 27, and fans noticed that Lisa's skin color doesn't seem to be lightened like it typically would be. It is popular for K-Pop companies to “whitewash” the skin of their idols, whether it be through filters or makeup, but some fans have speculated that Lisa is portraying a little too dark of a tan. There are various opinions, as she is Thai and from northeastern Thailand. Some wonder if she is just using her “new tan” (which is technically, still a speculation) to prepare for her upcoming single, as a lot of her music has been “hip hop” concepts (and, not to mention BLACKPINK's past of cultural appropriation). As for BLACKPINK fans, they are patiently waiting to see if Lisa will continue with this as her music is released. 

“Inside Out 2” has a highly-received debut

“Inside Out 2” is now the highest-grossing film of 2024, with a box office total over $285.7 million. “Inside Out 2” follows a new emotion joining Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, particularly when Riley hits puberty and navigates new relationships. 

EXO's Lay shows support for children around the world

Lay Zhang, member of K-Pop group EXO, recently had a concert in Nanjing China, where he showed his support for children suffering in Palestine, Ukraine and Syria. During his song ‘Human In You,' which is about love, humanity and world peace, Lay displayed photographs of children from the three countries. This display takes place during the ongoing genocide in Palestine, Russia's continuous war on Ukraine and the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria. 

Katy Perry teases new music, accused of copying

Katy Perry announced that her new single ‘Women's World' will be released on July 11. Alongside Camila Cabello's teasers of new music, as well, fans have accused both Katy and Camila of copying Charli XCX and Rosalía. Both Katy and Camila seem to be stepping into a more hyperpop style of music — but fans have noticed them mainly following the creative concepts more. 

It is worth noting that Charli XCX has historically called herself a fan of Katy Perry. Similarly, she has recently called out her fans for making “hateful chants” against Taylor Swift. Can you make any new music without being accused of copying, these days? 

Ruby Cruz on “The Sex Lives of College Girls”

Ruby Cruz, most well known for her role in “Bottoms,” has joined “The Sex Lives of College Girls” in a recurring role. Reneé Rapp left the main cast, but fans are just as excited for Ruby's appearance. 

Billie Eilish and BLACKPINK's Jennie in Seoul

BLACKPINK's Jennie moderated a Q&A with Billie Eilish surrounding her newest album ‘HIT ME HARD AND SOFT' in Seoul, South Korea. Fans were excited for Spotify's near hour-long video of the conversation. Both women seemed excited about the reunion, as they had previously met about five years prior.