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Deerhunter Preview!

  Although not everyone is into their sound, for fans of Deerhunter, a chance to see them live is literally an early Christmas present. The brain-child of Bradford Cox, Deerhunter is an Atlanta based indie-rock group formed in the … Read More >

Wavves Review

What a night! Arriving just in time to catch Twin Peaks open, I watched the semi-post-adolescent group kill it on stage. As a fellow Chicagoan, I automatically have to love them, but despite my home-town bias, these guys rock. Playing … Read More >

Wavves Preview

Seeing Wavves at Lollapalooza in 2013 was amazing. It was the first year I went all three days and I got to see SOOOOO many of my favorite acts. The best show of the whole weekend, despite greats like Phoenix, … Read More >