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WSUM’s Top Albums of 2016

  What a year… sure, we are leaving 2016 behind… but at least we get to keep some of its treasures.   It’s about time WSUM announces its favorite music creations: Our station is always a platform for sharing … Read More >

Back stage with Soul Low

Back Stage with Soul Low Prior to opening for  Whitney  at the Majestic, WSUM had to opportunity to interview the Milwaukee jank pop band.  Hear from guys who created Nosebleeds, 88Nine Milwaukee’s 2016 Album of the Year… We … Read More >

An Interview with LVL UP

An interview with LVL UP Karolina Barej So… who’s this band that’s been topping all the charts this fall? On November 10th, I had the opportunity to interview one of Brooklyn’s best alternative rock bands, LVL UP.   I sat … Read More >

Interviews: Sunflower Bean & The Lemon Twigs

    Sunflower Bean & The Lemon Twigs Karolina Barej No other Madison music hub could beat The Frequency the night of October 22nd.  People had, once again, drooled at the sound of Sunflower Bean,  right after a … Read More >

On the Curb with Japanese Breakfast

  On the curb with Japanese Breakfast Everybody should begin the day with a bit of Japanese Breakfast. When you are not dancing, you left floating among clouds of synth and shoegaze. Japanese Breakfast is dreamy, bittersweet and … Read More >

Snake on the Lake artists disclose some secrets…

  Snake on the Lake artists disclose some secrets… WSUM’s annual music festival, Snake on the Lake, stole hearts and ears last Friday. Yes, music played a significant role, but it was the people (members of the audience, Whitney, Carroll, … Read More >

Summer Peak: Working With Pitchfork

Summer Peak:  Working with Pitchfork Although most of us won’t dare to say farewell to sweet Summer, it’s difficult to ignore Fall Semester’s daunting stare. To counter next week’s weight of classes, here is a healthy, pick-me-up.  WSUM’s … Read More >