Following a Tour

By: Olivia Chavez Photo: Anthoni Grande Plan ahead! Try to plan all of the dates you can and want to attend ahead of time. This helps a lot with saving money, especially if you book places to stay far ahead … Read More >

Of Montreal Show Preview

By: Spencer Bierman Have you ever been so inspired by a failed romance that you named your band based off of it? Well, if you are Kevin Barnes, this may be the case. of Montreal, created by frontman Kevin … Read More >

The Revivalists Show Preview

By: Emma Noraian Alternative rock band, The Revivalists, are coming to The Sylvee next week on March 11th. The eight-member band formed in New Orleans in 2007 and have been taking over the alternative song charts ever since. They … Read More >

What happened to Beck? 

by Ayden Schultz Towards the end of last year, a favorite artist of mine, the critically acclaimed Beck, released his 14th studio album, Hyperspace. Is Hyperspace good? No. Is it overproduced, uninspired, soulless and completely disappointing garbage? Most certainly. I … Read More >