EMA Enters the Void

“You were the goth in highschool / You cut and fucked your arms up,” Erika M. Anderson sings on her first album, Past Life Martyred Saints.  Anderson, who goes by the stage name EMA, carries that same confessional … Read More >

Kelis – Food

Artist: Kelis Album: Food Label: Ninja Tune/IRIS Release Date: 4/18/14 Clean: All Indecencies: None To cook a meal and share it with someone is both a good will gesture and an act of faith. It requires intimacy, both … Read More >

Temples Preview

“Psych” music has been all the rage in underground rock circles the past few years. But like most genre descriptors (indie, shoegaze, noise, et al), once it gained even a modicum of popularity it begin to get applied … Read More >

The Living Statues Preview

“All I need is an extra day,” pleads Tommy Shears of The Living Statues, on track 2 of Knockin’ EP titled ‘Extra Day.’ And I’d have to agree with him. Their official debut has been worth the wait, … Read More >