Savages Preview

SAVAGES are coming to town this Wednesday. They are an intense group of four women from London who play post-punk music that will rock your face off.  Nothing about them is unintentional; from the declarative, almost prophetic statements they post … Read More >

Cherub Review

I had few expectations as I walked into the Majestic last night to see Cherub. First, I did not expect the lead singer to sound that great. Second, I did not think the crowd would be familiar with much … Read More >

Elephant Revival Review

Elephant Revival is a quintet of five incredibly multi-talented musicians, all contribute vocals and writing in addition to playing a wide range of instruments.  Sage Cook on banjo, guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo, bass and fiddle; Bridget Law on fiddle and … Read More >

Cherub Preview

Cherub is a funky, 80’s pop-inspired duo made up of the likes of Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber. The two have had quite a run in the last year with the release of their first album, MoM & DaD, in … Read More >