Lettuce at the Majestic

  It was an honor to represent WSUM at the Lettuce show on February 18th and it could not have been a better time. Opening and setting the tone for the evening was Brooklyn-based musician Break Science. Incorporating … Read More >

WSUM Alumni Newsletter Issue 2

  WSUM’s second Alumni Newsletter is here! Check out what our DJs are currently up to and what some of our alumni have been doing. Ideas for, questions about, or requests to subscribe to the newsletter can be sent … Read More >

Upcoming WSUM Ticket GIveaways – 2/23

Last week we had a lot of giveaways that we didn’t warn you about (oops). This week we only have a couple, but now you know that you need to pay attention, so that’s good, right? Tune in … Read More >

WSUM’s Most Anticipated Albums of 2015

  2015 promises to be a year full of new, exciting, and sometimes long-awaited releases. We at WSUM hope that something released this year speaks to you. Keep listening to the station and you might just find it! … Read More >

Portland Cello Project Preview

  Where can you combine classical instruments, modern music, and drug related naming puns? A Portland Cello Project concert, of course! PCP (as they are lovingly known in short) is a cello collective that performs a variety of … Read More >