A Review of Beats Antique’s Majestic Concert

“Are you ready for a journey down the wormhole?” Is there a better way to spend those first few days winding down from Halloween festivities than going to Madison’s Majestic for some Beats Antique and a freaky punk, … Read More >

Toro Y Moi Preview

Much like artwork, electronic music has many colors and shades, from dark to bright to funky to ambient, synthetic sound has come a long way since Robert Moog and Kraftwerk. Part of the chillwave movement, Chazwick Bradley Bundick, better … Read More >

Rusko & Roni Size

Ever since the EDM explosion took over the birthplace of house music by storm, the United States has been embracing raves, music festivals, concerts, and more to revel and celebrate with smooth moves and synthetic, yet beautiful sounds. … Read More >

Griz Preview

Regardless of what day of the year anyone plays, great musicians will always perform a good show, and of course Griz will naturally follow this tacet. While many people mistake him for being a member of Pretty Lights … Read More >


The intergalactic battle-rapper/super-hacker/mech-soldier and his outlaw crew have finally come out of hiding in the year 3040 to preach against the 31st century New World Order at the Majestic Theater in Madison, Wisconsin on October 21st. Best known … Read More >