Temples Preview

“Psych” music has been all the rage in underground rock circles the past few years. But like most genre descriptors (indie, shoegaze, noise, et al), once it gained even a modicum of popularity it begin to get applied … Read More >

The Living Statues Preview

“All I need is an extra day,” pleads Tommy Shears of The Living Statues, on track 2 of Knockin’ EP titled ‘Extra Day.’ And I’d have to agree with him. Their official debut has been worth the wait, … Read More >

Rebelution Preview

“Too many times that I’ve seen the wrong signs      Empty out the hatred in life We’re bringing only good vibes” So sings Rebelution, currently a popular favorite of many college-aged reggae-rock lovers in America. Since 2007, … Read More >

Perfect Pussy – Say Yes To Love

Perfect Pussy: Say Yes to Love     Label: Captured Tracks Genre: Rock Punk doesn’t usually present itself as headphones music. With some exception, it’s not a producer’s genre. Punk gives short shrift to polish and studio trickery. For … Read More >

Electric Six

If you are reading this and had your billion dollar hopes smashed by the games Thursday and Friday last week, I’m sorry. I’m even sorrier if you weren’t able to find your way over to the High Noon … Read More >