WSUM Turned 9!

Last night, celebrations of WSUM’s 9th birthday went down. There was cake, chili, and plenty of dancing.        

Show of the Week- Cranberry Juice

Name of show: Cranberry Juice Time: Friday 7-8pm What is your show like? A blast of nostalgia! Why should people listen to your show? If you enjoyed the alternative rock feel of the 90’s you’l    love my … Read More >

Show of the Week- Transmissions from Tralfamadore

Name of Show: Transmissions From Tralfamadore Time: Saturdays at 2am Host: Will Psilos, Freshman (Sophomore standing) aiming toward Philosophy major What is your show like? Metaphysical, musical, intergalactic, old-time radio theme hour with a distinct citrus flavor WhyRead More >