Crumb Preview

Author: Zack Shapiro Psych and indie rock band Crumb is heading to Madison to play what promises to be a captivating show. Crumb released their first full-length album this past June entitled Jinx, which features many of the same psychedelic, … Read More >

WSUM’s Records of the Week: 11/3/2019

It’s getting chilly, but our weekly recs remain toasty. Check out what DJs and trainees had to say about our weekly ads, featuring Aussie punk-rockers Skeggs, English DJ and producer Floating Points, and much, much more. Scroll down for the … Read More >

Desert Sessions Volumes 11 & 12

Author: Ayden Schultz Album Rating: Imagine, if you will, a desert; a hot, quiet, and beautifully empty desert. Imagine you’re walking in that desert, under the beating sun. You climb one of the many nearby rocky outcroppings to get your … Read More >

New Found Glory Preview

Author: Olivia Chavez New Found Glory is one of the most iconic bands in the pop punk scene, having spent their 22 year career writing and performing the songs that are the soundtrack to so many people’s teenage years. The … Read More >