Upcoming WSUM Ticket GIveaways – 5/4

We hoped you enjoyed Revelry and are ready for exams. If you’re interested in relaxing before the home stretch or blowing off steam right after you ace your finals, here are some shows for which we are giving … Read More >

WSUM’s Spring Songs

  As the last vestiges of Winter finally fall away and Spring finally decides to come out of it’s coma, our moods brighten and we turn to sunnier tunes and activities. WSUM wants to help you enjoy your … Read More >

Chance the Rapper – Revelry’s Main Man

  What a time it is to be Chance the Rapper. The newly turned 22 year old from Chicago has been lighting up the rap scene ever since he dropped his sophomore project, Acid Rap, back in April … Read More >

WSUM’s Top 10 Reasons to Revel(ry)

  As the long winter ends and finals begin to loom on the horizon, that unique mix of cabin fever and test anxiety begin to creep in. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an event where … Read More >