Conscious by Broods

After the international attention Broods received after their 2014 debut, “Evergreen”, the New Zealand brother-sister duo return fearlessly and with full-force on their second album, Conscious, released in June. Caleb and Georgia Nott set out to expand their musical palette … Read More >

Summer Set Preview

As the sun sets on the summer of 2016, it is certain that it will go out with a bang. Already on it’s fifth year, Summerset Music Festival again is promising a wildly fun time with an extremely savory lineup … Read More >

Summer Set Preview Part 2

SATURDAY Artifaks Yes I know that waking up and getting to a show by 3pm presents a challenge, but I implore you to suck it up and go see Artifaks. This artist, whose actual name is Garret Meyer, has come … Read More >

Lollapalooza 2016 Recap

  No matter how sunburned my shoulders became, or how sore my feet were, I am somewhat sad that Lollapalooza is over.  This year was the festivals 25 anniversary, and with all the surprise cameos, killer performances, and Harambe tributes … Read More >

New Madrid at the Frequency

This past Wednesday night the Frequency hosted Athens psych rock band New Madrid, along with Milwaukee’s Ladders and Sleeping Jesus from Winona, Minnesota. As always, the Frequency crafted together a beautifully curated lineup that put on a great show. Sleeping … Read More >