Bucks Fall to Raptors on Black Friday

Author: Nick Osen  MILWAUKEE-In their first game since Thanksgiving, the Milwaukee Bucks played host to the Toronto Raptors for Fear the Deer Night at the Bradley Center. Both teams came into the contest in the top half of the Easter … Read More >

Mendoza Line Postseason

The baseball season is now over! There were lots of fun moments, tragic moments, and moments that will be talked about for years to come. Now, it is time for the postseason. Get up to date with what will happen … Read More >

Mendoza Line Episode 9

The Mendoza Line is back, right before the end of the regular season! The Cubs have clinched – who will be next? In a tight race in the divisions and the wild card, Evan Boyd and Brendan Dzwierzynski talk all … Read More >

Mendoza Line Episode 8

Another collaboration between WSUM and KJHK! In the 8th episode of the Mendoza Line, Evan Boyd and Brendan Dzwierzynski talk MVP’s, Cy Young’s, and Rookie of the Year’s, but also get very mad. Hear what we have to say about … Read More >