Mendoza Line Episode 6: The Top Teams

We are now three months into the baseball season! Soon we will be hitting the all-star break, but first we need to discuss some of the best teams heading in. In this collaboration between WSUM at the University of Wisconsin-Madison … Read More >

Mendoza Line Episode 5: The Fellowship of the Ring

The Mendoza Line is back! Plenty of things to talk about in the baseball world with the All-Star Break less than a month away. In this episode with the collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Kansas, … Read More >

Reid Magnum Named STAA All-American

  WSUM’s very own Reid Magnum placed 4th in the Sportscasters Talent Agency of America’s (STAA) Jim Nantz Award. This competition recognizes the most outstanding collegiate radio and TV sports broadcasters, encouraging sportscasters to strive to achieve their best.  Each … Read More >

“The Mendoza Line, Episode 4: The Empire Strikes Back

Welcome to the Mendoza Line, featuring Station Manager Evan Boyd and KJHK’s Program Director Brendan Dzwierzynski (University of Kansas). This is Episode 4: The Empire Strikes Back. Hear these two statheads discuss Chicago baseball’s dominance, PED use, and the Yankees … Read More >

Mendoza Line: Episode 2

  The second episode of the Mendoza Line is here! This joint production of WSUM and KHHK (University of Kansas) focuses on the first few days of baseball season. Evan Boyd and Brendan Dzwierzynski highlight the teams that impress, the … Read More >