Mendoza Line: Episode 2

  The second episode of the Mendoza Line is here! This joint production of WSUM and KHHK (University of Kansas) focuses on the first few days of baseball season. Evan Boyd and Brendan Dzwierzynski highlight the teams that impress, the … Read More >

The Mendoza Line

In the debut episode of this joint production of WSUM and KJHK (University of Kansas), Evan Boyd and Brendan Dzwierzynski discuss some of Major League Baseball’s biggest offseason storylines as Opening Day approaches. This new series, “The Mendoza Line” will … Read More >

Badgers take L against NorthWestern

Badgers took an unfortunate loss this past weekend at their last home game against NorthWestern. With the first snowfall, fans still came out in swarms to support, and what almost turned into a comeback win ended up as … Read More >

Badgers take Maryland

Badgers managed to steal the game from Maryland at the Terrapins homecoming this past weekend of November 7th! Down in the first quarter, Wisconsin was at zero with Maryland at a 7 point lead, but Natrell Jamerson catches … Read More >

Badgers Beat Illinois 24-13

  Another win on the pigskin from our fellow Badgers this past weekend in Urbana, Illinois against the Fighting Illini. With a final score of 24-13, the gang is able to beat Illinois during their homecoming game and … Read More >