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ALBUM REVIEW: “Girl With Fish” by Feeble Little Horse

In June 2023, Pittsburgh-based indie rock band Feeble Little Horse released their sophomore album, Girl With Fish. This project expands upon their earlier works with new methods of experimentation, while still heavily embodying their unique sound. Girl With Fish uniquely blends indie rock with hyperpop and noise elements to create a sound that is exciting and playful, and definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

ALBUM REVIEW: “the record” by boygenius

What happens when three of indie’s top powerhouse women combine their lyrical genius and sonic innovation into one highly anticipated project? The answer: pure unadulterated musical magic, powerful enough to bring any self-loathing young woman or indie rock dad to their knees.  

Happy About … Fictional Illustrations

By: Martha Kowalski
After missing the chance to review their 2021 album Silver Crane, I was delighted to find Fly By Midnight’s newest album on the same day it came out…