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The Ericksons – Bring Me Home

  Bring Me Home, the new album by The Ericksons, is the best and brightest yet, an evocation of the love of family. These songs express what the two sisters embody: joy, survival, heart and ethereal beauty. Ranging … Read More >

Love Inks – EXI

  Love Inks, a minimalist pop trio from Austin, returns to the music scene with their latest release, EXI. The album opens with “Shoot 100 Panes Of Glass,” a lazily sultry number introduced by sparse guitar chords and … Read More >

Kelis – Food

Artist: Kelis Album: Food Label: Ninja Tune/IRIS Release Date: 4/18/14 Clean: All Indecencies: None To cook a meal and share it with someone is both a good will gesture and an act of faith. It requires intimacy, both … Read More >

Perfect Pussy – Say Yes To Love

Perfect Pussy: Say Yes to Love     Label: Captured Tracks Genre: Rock Punk doesn’t usually present itself as headphones music. With some exception, it’s not a producer’s genre. Punk gives short shrift to polish and studio trickery. For … Read More >

St. Vincent – St. Vincent

With the amount of bands and artists available at our fingertips in the digital age, it can be hard to hear someone and think to yourself, ‘now there’s a distinct sound.’ Luckily, there will always be artists, no, trailblazers, … Read More >

Broken Bells Album Review

Broken Bells, made up of producer-extraordinaire Danger Mouse and Shins songwriter/leading man James Mercer, return with a new album After the Disco, which improves on the sound of their 2010 self-titled collaboration. The album makes better use of … Read More >

Bill Callahan’s Dream River Review

An album cover, sometimes slapped on for the aesthetic shock (Amorica) or minimized as unnecessary (Yeezus), can (and, arguably, should) serve as a sort-of tell all of an artist’s intentions for their collection of songs. A few years … Read More >