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Broken Bells Album Review

Broken Bells, made up of producer-extraordinaire Danger Mouse and Shins songwriter/leading man James Mercer, return with a new album After the Disco, which improves on the sound of their 2010 self-titled collaboration. The album makes better use of … Read More >

Bill Callahan’s Dream River Review

An album cover, sometimes slapped on for the aesthetic shock (Amorica) or minimized as unnecessary (Yeezus), can (and, arguably, should) serve as a sort-of tell all of an artist’s intentions for their collection of songs. A few years … Read More >

Porcelain Raft – Permanent Signal

Before I start this review, I will preface by saying I am unfamiliar with this band’s first album, which may affect the overall timbre and perspective I take in my review. Looking into them, I know songwriter/singer Mauro … Read More >