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Show of the Week- Cranberry Juice

Name of show: Cranberry Juice Time: Friday 7-8pm What is your show like? A blast of nostalgia! Why should people listen to your show? If you enjoyed the alternative rock feel of the 90’s you’l    love my … Read More >

WSUM Hats For Sale

Want to simulatneously keep warm AND support your favorite radio station?  You can!  Stop by the WSUM station to purchase your very own WSUM hat for the low price of $10.  They come in maroon and green with … Read More >

Show of the Week- Transmissions from Tralfamadore

Name of Show: Transmissions From Tralfamadore Time: Saturdays at 2am Host: Will Psilos, Freshman (Sophomore standing) aiming toward Philosophy major What is your show like? Metaphysical, musical, intergalactic, old-time radio theme hour with a distinct citrus flavor WhyRead More >