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Trump to halt immigration amidst COVID-19.

Via tweet, the President announced that he will take executive action to temporarily end immigration into the US. Screenshot: Twitter. Author: Sam Buisman President Donald Trump announced that he plans to suspend immigration to the US amidst the coronavirus. In … Read More >

Protestors picket Capitol over coronavirus restrictions.

Protestors march in distanced clusters around the Capitol Building against the extent of the state’s COVID-19 reaction. Photo: Sam Buisman Author: Sam Buisman Picketers marched around the State Capitol to protest the extent of Wisconsin’s coronavirus response on Sunday. Roughly … Read More >

Watchdogs warn of price gouging as COVID-19 spreads.

Watchdogs are suggesting that consumers watch the prices they’re being charged for sanitation and healthcare goods. Graphic: Sam Buisman Author: Sam Buisman Consumer watchdogs are warning Wisconsinites of coronavirus-related price gouging. In a press release, the Better Business Bureau reported … Read More >