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Thundercat Show Review

Author: Nathan Allen Sihakom When there’s lightning, you’d usually expect thunder. Going into the Majestic to watch Thundercat perform, we’re treated to swirling lights along the backdrop of the iconic Thundercat logos. There were shirts and posters for sale with … Read More >

Lizzo brings intimacy and empowerment to campus

Author: Aleesa Kuznetsov Last weekend, Minnesota based rapper and singer came to campus and turned a university theater, Shannon Hall, into a celebration of women, self-love and empowerment. As an all seated space, Shannon Hall was a venue … Read More >

Com Truise Show Review

Author: Spencer Bierman Entering the venue, the floor was empty, but much like the music of the night, it slowly built into a dancing, breathing entity lit by strobes and laser. Starting the night was Cleopold. Accompanied … Read More >

Foster The People Show Review

Author: Maya Subramanian Foster the People brought their iconic psychedelic pop sound to the Orpheum last Saturday night and it was a dance-filled night to remember! The openers, Palm Springsteen, kicked the night off with a high-energy opening act, although some … Read More >

WAKA Show Review

Author: Tobiah Steckel There wasn’t a single dull moment of the entire concert, even if WAKA wasn’t yelling the turbulence of the crowd would be enough to keep you occupied. Liquid proved to be a perfect venue for this … Read More >

Chon Show Review

Author: Sommer Olson If you were looking for a laid back, but still energetic event this past weekend, you missed out if you weren’t at the Majestic on Saturday. Hail the Sun started off the night with their post-hardcore sound … Read More >

Snake On The Lake 2017 Recap

  Author: Izzy Fradin Snake On The Lake was really an incredible night. Each band had something unique to bring to the table, we packed the Frequency, and at the end of the day, the night was a celebration of … Read More >