Spring 2020 Training Important Dates

First Mandatory Training Meeting: February 17th (at Vilas 2195)

Aircheck tape submissions/shadow sheets: TBD

Final training quiz: TBD

Please send an email to our

Traffic Directors (

or Station Manager ( 

if you are interested in training

All UW-Madison students are welcome. WSUM is your campus community radio station. It operates at 91.7 FM and is licensed to the University of Wisconsin. Your station manager, program director and other executives in charge of programming and other aspects of the station are students.

WSUM is staffed almost entirely by volunteers. DJs and talk show hosts complete both on-air and off-air work. WSUM is not looking for trainees for the singular purpose of doing a show on the radio. We expect our trainees to become a part of the larger organization and contribute to the station community as a whole.

Participation at WSUM is open to any qualified volunteer but special efforts should be made to accommodate registered student volunteers. Community members can be trained at the discretion of the program director in consultation with the general manager. We are looking for people who are serious about being part of our radio experience.

Our goal is to be an alternative source of entertainment to the major stations in Madison. We’re looking for DJs interested in wonderful under-played music and for talk show hosts looking to inform the Madison community on pertinent issues. With your time and commitment, we will establish and maintain our position as the best free-form radio station in the U.S.