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Revelry 2015: The Best Day of My Life

  I LOVE music. I LOVE going to concerts. Ipso facto, I LOVE Revelry. When the lineup for this year’s festival was released, it felt like so many worlds were colliding for me, especially because Chance the Rapper … Read More >

Ghost Bath – Moonlover

  Ghost Bath (鬼浴) is a peculiar band that’s emerged in the metal scene recently. Much of their aesthetics remind me of the similarly named “Ghost,” who went from being nobodies to one of the big names when … Read More >

Vashti Bunyan – Heartleap

Warning: Do not pop this CD in while starting your 30 minute commute pre-caffeine fix. You may just fall asleep at the wheel. Its beautiful, but feels like one long hypnotizing lullaby. Bunyan is an English singer/songwriter who … Read More >

Amy Fairchild – Amy Fairchild

  “Situation” opens the new album with a hearty guitar strum while boasting a beat that pushes this along with the greatest of ease. Fairchild’s edgy vocals skate across her acoustic guitar sound-scape with attitude and verve. “Hold … Read More >

Feather-Bright – Feather-Bright

  Is there such a thing as Goth Folk? Because I think this might be it. Feather-Bright’s self-released album includes bits of lovely cello, haunting vocals, then a galvanic bass. In fact, don’t be fooled by the sweet … Read More >

Anand Wilder & Maxwell Kardon – Break Line

  Break Line is the musical from Yeasayer’s Anand Wilder and pianist Maxwell Kardon. The second track on the record, “Wedding Day”, is an understated, simple song with Wilder performing the lead vocal. It’s all very low-key until the … Read More >