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Back to the Past: Nebraska – Bruce Springsteen

By Ethan Cook In this series, I’m going back in time and revisiting some of the music of the past. Personally, I always enjoy listening to old albums and trying to understand how the music was historically important and where … Read More >

Review: “Speed, Sound, Lonely KV” by Kurt Vile

By Ethan Cook As the seasons transition from the warm days of summer to the chilly evenings of winter I find myself looking for musical change as well. I spent the summer listening to punk-rock and heavy-metal; music that made … Read More >

“Everything is the Worst,” Cedarsmoke Review

By Ethan Cook I view music through a qualitative lense, rather than a quantitative one. Qualitative and quantitative are big words that get tossed around a lot in STEM classes that involve a lot of technical writing, but the TLDRRead More >