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Of Montreal show Preview

Upon first listen for someone unfamiliar with Of Montreal’s music, it probably seems disorganized and neurotic, with its frequent mid-song tempo changes and front man Kevin Barnes’ often-bizarre lyricism. However, this is exactly what makes the band … Read More >

DIIV Preview

Multi-texture dream jams await Madison in the Majestic Theatre.  If swimming in some sweet shoegaze sounds like your morning hot shower, then by all means please diiv in with DIIV, No Joy, & Sunflower Bean on TuesdayRead More >

Run The Jewels Run The Majestic

“I’m known for pounding the stage, I’m talking burning and cursing” – Killer Mike, “Banana Clipper” by Run The Jewels Known for the sheer volume and intensity of braggadocio  that Run The Jewels has committed to vinyl (or … Read More >

Run the Jewels Preview

  This Friday the Majestic stage will host the tag-team champion of the underground rap world, Run The Jewels. Returning to Madison following the release of their free LP, RTJ2 (download it here), the … Read More >

Panda Bear Preview

    Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox, aka Panda Bear, is at The Majestic Saturday the 27th. For those unfamiliar with his music, he sounds like walking through an underwater park. Skipping children, dancing women, and billions of neon … Read More >

College Humor Live

      You’ve probably heard your grandfather say, “I remembered back in my day, I never procrastinated because there was nothing to procrastinate with!” Unfortunately in today’s society, with the availability of Internet, and sites such as … Read More >