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Pitchfork Day 1 Photos

Photos by Izzi Bavis Dehd Dehd Hop Along black midi black midi Animal Collective Phoebe Bridgers Phoebe Bridgers Phoebe Bridgers

Seven things to do at Pitchfork

By Izzi Bavis 1) Try not to breath in dust Seriously. It’s hard. I’m still coughing up dirt.  2) Drink the Faye Webster beer.  It comes in a cute can and it’s adorable. Also Faye Webster is super cool and … Read More >

Pitchfork Preview: Saturday

By Izzi Bavis Looking for a playlist to listen to in preparation for Saturday of Pitchfork? We have it just for you! This playlist has one track from each artist performing and a bit about my personal favorites 🙂 take … Read More >

Pitchfork Preview: Friday

By Izzi Bavis The last time I went to Pitchfork I was 18 and unaware of what the next three years had in store. I didn’t realize that the boyfriend I brought would soon be my ex or that I … Read More >

WSUM Announces Party in the Park

Madison, Wisc. — WSUM Student Radio, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s premiere radio station, is hosting a community wide event at James Madison Park on Sept. 3 from 2 to 6 PM.  The event will highlight local and regional musical acts … Read More >

Back to School Playlist

By Rachael Heck Hello teachers, hello books… With the beginning of school right around the corner and efforts being made to bring back the glory days of in-person classes, I couldn’t help but feel overjoyed! One of my favorite features … Read More >

Still Life in G Minor

By Martha Kowalski Wait a second, this isn’t Nightly, I realized as the deceptively familiar guitar chords and slightly off-pitch vocals introduced the song. Everything about it sounded like it should fit, but it somehow didn’t. Very confused, I looked … Read More >