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Some More Time for Summertime

By Izzi Bavis School is out, summer classes are in, the weather is warmer, and here is what you should be listening to while you pretend you are the lead in an indie film. These tracks remind me of … Read More >

Breaking Point Playlist

by Izzi Bavis I’ve sat down to write this piece numerous times. The first time I planned to curate a preview for the South by Southwest festival, but the festival was cancelled. The second time I decided this would … Read More >

SAD Hype Playlist

by Monique McCormack It’s that time of the year where us kids with Seasonal Affective Disorder start really loathing another few months of gray, lifeless days that make us feel numb. I know that these Vitamin D-lacking, absolutely uninspiring … Read More >

Your Eyes are Sweating: A Saddie Playlist

by Monique McCormack It’s time to embrace those melancholy feelings you’ve been trying to suppress with this week’s playlist. Spanning a wide variety of genres from rap to folk and everything in between, it’ll be difficult to not find … Read More >

No Te Quiere

A (Anti-?) Valentine’s Day Playlist by Monique McCormack With Valentine’s Day approaching at an alarming rate, it’s easy to get your hopes up just to have yet another, flowerless, chocolateless, lonely “love” day. For those of you in relationships, maybe … Read More >

UW-Madison Tailgate Playlist (Cursed)

By Matt Jarosinski If you do a bit of digging under Spotify’s genre tab, adorned by such staple genres as hip-hop, pop, rock, and anime, you’ll find the the Student page. “What is on the Student genre page?” you may … Read More >