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Your Eyes are Sweating: A Saddie Playlist

by Monique McCormack It’s time to embrace those melancholy feelings you’ve been trying to suppress with this week’s playlist. Spanning a wide variety of genres from rap to folk and everything in between, it’ll be difficult to not find … Read More >

No Te Quiere

A (Anti-?) Valentine’s Day Playlist by Monique McCormack With Valentine’s Day approaching at an alarming rate, it’s easy to get your hopes up just to have yet another, flowerless, chocolateless, lonely “love” day. For those of you in relationships, maybe … Read More >

UW-Madison Tailgate Playlist (Cursed)

By Matt Jarosinski If you do a bit of digging under Spotify’s genre tab, adorned by such staple genres as hip-hop, pop, rock, and anime, you’ll find the the Student page. “What is on the Student genre page?” you may … Read More >

WSUM’s Spring Songs

  As the last vestiges of Winter finally fall away and Spring finally decides to come out of it’s coma, our moods brighten and we turn to sunnier tunes and activities. WSUM wants to help you enjoy … Read More >

Introducing Spinitron Playlist Entry

  Over the past week or so you may have noticed a new button under the “Search Playlist” button and “Now Playing/Just Played” box labeled “Spinitron Playlist”. The more curious of our listeners may have already discovered … Read More >

Back to School Songs

  With summer over, it means that fall is drawing near and school is back upon us. WSUM DJs are here to share the songs that remind them the most of this transitional time of year; a … Read More >