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Calm Tracks to Soothe Your Midterm Madness

By Monique McCormack As midterm madness envelops us in its gruesome grasp, it is vital that we balance the chaos it brings with some calming habits and tunes. The following songs are sure to help you relax and replenish your … Read More >

November Skies

By Vicky Durachta With October nearing its end, I decided to make a short playlist of songs for November. Each of these songs evoke a very cozy feeling within me, perfect for the colder weather. I am beyond obsessed with … Read More >

Night Owl Study Songs

By Alexandra Beckman If you’re anything like me during this time of unique academic circumstances, you’ll find that sometimes the proper motivation for doing all of your assignments is at the dead of night. 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. provides … Read More >

Spooky Album Playlist

By Chy Klitzke Among many other things, one of my favorite parts of October is Halloween music.  “Halloween music? Is that a thing? You mean like the Monster Mash?” In my eyes Halloween music is an extremely underrated genre. Just … Read More >

Some More Time for Summertime

By Izzi Bavis School is out, summer classes are in, the weather is warmer, and here is what you should be listening to while you pretend you are the lead in an indie film. These tracks remind me of … Read More >