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April Talk Blog

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they look back on an experience and go “Wow, I wish I would’ve known this back then”. For this month’s Talk Blog, I asked WSUM to take some time to think about … Read More >

March Talk Blog: Dream Vacation

Instead of thinking about how Spring break got cancelled for UW this year, I insisted that WSUM spend some time thinking about a dream trip of theirs. If you were to win a once in a lifetime trip, all expenses … Read More >

Two Ends of Every Spectrum

Conceptual illustration, the rich and the poor. AI and EPS editable files included. For some time now (some time meaning about a year now) I have been suspiciously spectating the super wealthy within America and how they have shifted from … Read More >

Thanksgiving Talk Blog

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, WSUM took a moment to reflect on the ways in which giving thanks manifests itself in our lives. Enjoy our shared experiences of giving and receiving thanks! How I Almost Got Into The Rock and … Read More >

Halloween Safety Tips

Here is a list of some safety tips to help you all stay safe during this spooky season as you have fun with friends and family amidst COVID-19. 1. Make Masks Part of the Costume We are living in a … Read More >

Halloween Talk Blog

Inspired by the popular phrase associated with Halloween, read below to uncover how “Trick or Treat” presents itself in the lives of those at WSUM. Your Daily Job: The Real Halloween Every day at work is like trick-or-treating. When kids … Read More >