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Protestors picket Capitol over coronavirus restrictions.

Protestors march in distanced clusters around the Capitol Building against the extent of the state’s COVID-19 reaction. Photo: Sam Buisman Author: Sam Buisman Picketers marched around the State Capitol to protest the extent of Wisconsin’s coronavirus response on Sunday. Roughly … Read More >

SIC Introduces Itself With Bascom Hill Protest

Protestors gather at Bascom Hall. Photo: Sam Buisman Author: Sam Buisman The newly-formed Student Inclusion Coalition, or SIC, organized a protest on Bascom Hill this Friday to demand inclusive policies for marginalized students.  Roughly two hundred protestors crowded the walkways … Read More >

Today’s “War at Home”: A conversation with Glenn Silber

Director Glenn Silber. Photo: Glenn Silber Author: Sam Buisman In honor of the 40th anniversary of his Academy-award nominated documentary “The War at Home,” Director Glenn Silber sat down with WSUM News Director Sam Buisman to discuss the parallels between … Read More >