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Wisconsin court overturns absentee ballot extension.

Appellate courts are able to appeal or accept decisions made by lower courts by reviewing the case’s proceedings without retrying it. Photo courtesy of lancefisher, licensed for reuse under Creative Commons. Author: Jessica Gregory The Republican-led 7th Circuit Court of … Read More >

The Plaza Tavern & Grill creates a GoFundMe.

Plaza Tavern & Grill is a venue for every kind of event, from wedding parties to tailgates and everything in between. Photo courtesy of The Plaza Tavern’s Facebook page. Author: Cailyn Schiltz Plaza Tavern & Grill reaches out for financial support … Read More >

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87.

Justice Ginsburg is the second woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court. In 1993, The Senate approved her with a vote of 96-3. Image courtesy of Wake Forest University via Flickr. Author: Cailyn Schiltz Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, … Read More >