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Evers calls for solidarity against Trump in remarks to DNC.

The Wisconsin Governor appeared on the third night of the convention, imploring voters to remove what he characterized as an incompetent leader from the White House. Photo: Screenshot from DNC YouTube livestream. Author: Sam Buisman Listen to the audio versionRead More >

Pelosi reconvenes House for bill to protect USPS.

The speaker said in a letter to her colleagues that such action is necessary to preserve the United States’ election integrity in the fall. Photo: Coolcaesar, licensed under creative commons. Author: Sam Buisman House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reconvenes lawmakers in … Read More >

UW-Madison move-in begins while COVID-19 continues to rage.

In a coronavirus-inspired program meant to limit crowds during normal move-in, some regional students began dropping off their possessions at their dorms over the weekend. Photo: Imervard, licensed under creative commons. Author: Sam Buisman Early move-in begins for UW-Madison students … Read More >