Bandcamp Waives Revenues on Friday, May 1: Here's What We're Buying

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    by Music director
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    Fri May 01 2020

By Zoey Knox and Izzi Bavis

This Friday, May 1, all of the profits made from Bandcamp sales will flow directly back to the artists and select organizations. Can't figure out what you should purchase? Look no further! Zoey and Izzi have compiled their wish lists right here for you to peruse at your leisure.

Printer's Devil

Izzi's Wish List

1. Printer's Devil by Ratboys

Hailing from Chicago, Ratboys succeeds at creating the perfect indie rock album. After hearing them play at the Rathskeller in February, I was hooked. Printer's Devil has some iconic tracks like “My Hands Grow” and “Victorian Slumhouse.” What sealed the deal for me was watching Ratboys perform. They have this a level of authenticity that I admire and keeps brining me back to Ratboys.

“Ascend and Try Again” by Okay Kaya

2. Watch This LiquidPour Itself by Okay Kaya

Okay Kaya is cool, her songs stand out and make you eager to keep listening. The song “Insert Generic Name” is my favorite, it's slow and enchanting but has anger bleeding out of it. Okay Kaya is talented and deserves all the hype. What I like about Watch This Liquid Pour Itself is how calm it is but when you listen closely it is full with emotion.

The Song is Coming from Inside the House

3. The Song is Coming from Inside the House by Various Artists

This album consists of a bunch of different artists from all around the country. My favorites include LaLa LaLa and Hotline TNT, I've seen both bands perform at the Rathskeller. The album showcases an array of talent and is one for the books. I like how the album consists of so many artists without feeling overwhelmed.

4. Do You Wonder About Me? by Diet Cig

Diet Cig released a few tracks early from Do You Wonder About Me? and damn are they good. The duo incorporates some punk vibes into their indie rock songs. My favorite is “Thriving” which begs the question “do you wonder about me?” For someone who loves upbeat angsty music, this one has my full attention.

5. Heaven To A Tortured Mind by Yves Tumor

I love Yves Tumor. This album is exciting and when I first listened to it I was stuck in a trance. What I like about Yves Tumor is that he pushes the limits on experimental music and get people listening. Can't wait to spin this one on repeat after I buy it this Friday.

Heaven to a Tortured Mind

Zoey's Wish List

1. Saint Cloud by Waxahatchee

Saint Cloud is a beautiful album to let wash over you, but if you listen closely to the lyrics, you'll see that Waxahatchee knows how to write honest lyrics that go straight to your heart. This album feels exactly how the album cover looks: like it is meant to be listened to while driving a little bit too slow down a dirt road beneath gathering clouds, dressed up to go nowhere at all.

Saint Cloud

2. Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers

In all honesty, I have never preordered a record, but the first two singles from Phoebe Bridgers' upcoming release Punisher has me seriously considering it. If you haven't listened to the latest, “Kyoto,” yet, I'll wait while you open up another tab and listen to it while you finish this article. Check out Bridgers' performance of the song live from her bathtub on Jimmy Kimmel while you're there, too.

3. Texas Sun by Khruangbin and Leon Bridges

It has been several months, numerous conversations and more than a few pre-pandemic calls to Rushmor records and I still don't have my hands on Texas Sun. If you're not yet familiar, take a listen to the album's title track and let Leon Bridges' soulful voice and Khruangbin's deep grooves transport you to a place beneath that famous Texas sun.

4.Miss Universe by Nilüfer Yanya

This album came out in 2019, and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since. Between the British singer's indie pop tunes the album is structured with interludes that walk you through a fictional tele-health wellness program. I don't know why, but it works.

5. Miss Colombia by Lido Pimienta

I have Izzi to thank for this one. I've been looking to expand my non-English music listening practices, and Lido Pimienta's third album was the perfect way to dive back in. This album was one of WSUM's top albums of the week last week, so check out our Weekly Adds if you want to hear more about why I love this colorful, astute album.