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Werewolf of Wisconsin

By: Matthew Thompson Art by Creative Director Andrew Inamoto The Beast of Bray Road is Wisconsin’s most famous werewolf. WSUM News reporter Matthew Thompson explores the history of the legend, … Read More >

Fall Talk Blog: Fall Favorites

To celebrate the beautiful season that features pumpkin patches, colorful leaves, and fireside stories, I asked WSUM what their favorite thing about Fall is. Read below to learn how WSUM … Read More >

Halloween Talk Blog

Inspired by the popular phrase associated with Halloween, read below to uncover how “Trick or Treat” presents itself in the lives of those at WSUM. by Darion Allen, WSUM TalkRead More >

WSUM Story Hour Ep2

On the second episode of WSUM Story Hour, we are getting spooky as Halloween is just around the corner! Hear the various spooky, paranormal, and fun encounters that our hosts … Read More >